Siya Sesimani’s Family Honours Him With Tombstone Unveiling Ceremony

It was a moment of memories for Siyanda “Siya” Sesimani’s family recently as they unveiled his tombstone, a white-themed affair that had many reflecting on the life he led before he was killed, and what he could have achieved were he alive today.

Siya had been gunned down last year in what has been described as a home invasion by robbers. He, unfortunately, didn’t survive the attack. He left behind a young daughter who keeps asking about his whereabouts.

And that – the kid’s curiosity about her father – is one big issue for Siya’s mother and it makes her teary now and then.

Siya may not have lived up to the age he might have wanted to, but he certainly made some impact on the scene before he died. He featured in a couple of films, including The Estate.  And with the way his family is memorialising him, he would certainly remain alive in the consciousness of many South Africans for a long time to come.

His death remains a big struggle for his mother Thando Nobewu, though, as she readily admits that it’s so unreal and she’s still in denial. Hopefully, she receives soon the healing her soul longs for.

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