Sizok’thola: Former Host Xolani Khumalo Gets Massive Support At Court

He was the bloke from nowhere who captured the attention of many across South Africa with his campaign to rid the Rainbow nation of drugs. This campaign was in the form of a show dubbed “Sizok’thola.”

Ever since it emerged, it has been a favourite staple for many South Africans, who tuned in regularly to lap up the ambitious moves made by Xolami and his team through each episode.

And then, out of the blue, during the filming of one of the episodes, Xolami has killed a man. By his own account, it was an accident. But the authorities felt he had a case to answer regarding the unfortunate incident.

It has been a legal tussle for Xolani Khumalo and the authorities since then. he appears in court as the trial continues. But something that has become unmistakable so far is the massive support he’s getting from members of the public.

Since the trial started. many of Xolani’s fans have made it a point to show up at the court premises to support him, sometimes raising banners and loudly calling for him to be freed.

This played out again while he was attending court this week, as you can see from the clip below.

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