#Sizokthola: Moja Love’s New Show Explores Drug & Its Damage To Society – Mzansi Excited

A brand new show is coming to Moja Love, and the reception already is pretty rapturous. Clearly, South Africans have been expecting a show about drugs, addiction, and the concomitant dangers to society.

Now they have got just that with the #Sizokthola show on Moja Love. The channel shared a snippet on its Twitter page on January 8, letting fans know that its debuts that very night. you can check out the clip below.

Moja Love has been pretty adept when it comes to serving viewers content that snags attention and fiercely engages. It had introduced viewers to Uyajola 99, headed by the rapper Jub Jub, which exposes cheating couples in relationships.

With the introduction of #Sizokthola, fans are certainly in for another educating and entertaining show. The responses so far speak of how excited many are about what Moa Love has put together for the education of all.

Given that drug use is one of the key problems among the youths in the Rainbow Nation, it might be said that the show popped into orbit just in time.

Well, keep your eyes peeled for what should follow. MZansi is clearly in for a new phase of learning and unlearning. Stay tuned.

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