Sizok’thola’s Xolani Khumalo Hopeful For A Good Day In Court

Xolani Khumalo is optimistic that his day in court will turn out well and that he will be free from the spectre of justice that has been howling at him following an “accident” that occurred during the shooting of an episode of Sizok’thola.

Sizok’thola is a show that sees Xolani leading his crew in drug bursts and recording the same for the public to have an idea about the war against drugs and addiction. The show was a hit from inception and earned Xolani many fans across South Africa.

As far as some South Africans were concerned, given the nature of what he does, he is at risk of being targeted by druggies and should therefore be protected by the state.

Well, things went south one day during a drug burst. He had reportedly accidentally killed someone, leading to him being relieved of his post. The decision to remove him did not sit well with many South Africans.

As a result, most of them have been following him to court (where his murder case is being tried) to show their support. Xolani himself appears upbeat and confident that he would be vindicated at the end of the day.

But will he? Time will tell.

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