Sizwe Dhlomo Lashes Out At Unathi Nkayi Again

It seems just like yesterday when Sizwe Dhlomo and Unathi Nkayi had a big spat on set and things spiralled fast ultimately leading to her firing from the staff of Kaya FM.

At the time Unathi Nkayi had claimed that Sizwe Dhlomo assaulted her, But the broadcaster denied he ever did and asked for the CCTV footage of the moment to be played to aid an investigation into the crisis. It was later found that the claim she made was false after all.

On that count, she was fired from her presenting position at the station while Sizwe Dhlomo continued in his role. The months have passed and Siozwe Dhlomo remains his old self, adamant in his claim that she got what he deserved. The issue of Unathi’s dismissal from the station came up on social media and it appeared some tweeps wanted to know whether he felt guilty about Unathi’s axing from Kaya FM.

He couldn’t be bothered, however, as he made it clear that she got what she deserved. You can check out the conversation below.

Unathi herself had spoken about the controversy, directly contradicting Sizwe Dhlomo’s claims on what actually transpired. Well, to each his story, apparently.

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