Sizwe Dhlomo Mocks Big Zulu’s Boxing Match

Radio personality Sizwe Dhlomo has caused quite a fuss on social media after mocking rapper Big Zulu’s recent boxing match victory over veteran boxer Brian Dings. Seconds Out Boxing and Entertainment sponsored the match, which took place over the weekend at AJ’S in The Park in Craighall, Johannesburg.

After months of training, Big Zulu, known for his popular song “Imali Eningi,” won the contest via technical knockout in the first round. He rushed to Twitter to broadcast a video of the match, in which he celebrated his win by knocking out Dings.

Sizwe Dhlomo responded with a rhetorical question, “Lol! Kwenzekani manje lana?” which translates to “Lol! “What is going on here?” Dhlomo’s amusing tweet drew much attention on social media, with many followers responding.

Despite the response, Big Zulu has stated that he is now ready to compete in the ring with fellow rapper Cassper Nyovest. Both rappers have an advantage over one another, with Cassper having trained with professionals and Big Zulu having a big body advantage over Nyovest. It will be exciting to see how their boxing battle goes.

Cassper Nyovest, who was present at Big Zulu’s match, showed confidence in his capacity to defeat the self-proclaimed Inkabi. “Of course, I came here to watch him fight and see what he had.” “Even after the knockout, I’m actually more confident in fighting him,” Cassper remarked. “I think he’s exactly what I expected him to be: a huge puncher who always relies on his right. The fight was brief, but I believe he was precisely what I expected.”

Sizwe Dhlomo’s tweet has given a humorous element to the discourse as the anticipation for the Big Zulu and Cassper Nyovest boxing battle grows. Whether Big Zulu can prove his detractors wrong in the ring remains to be seen.

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