Sizwe Dhlomo On Dr Nandipha Magudumana & Thabo Bester’s Court Reunion

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South African media personality Sizwe Dhlomo has questioned why the wardens of former fugitive Thabo Bester were excited to see him in court again after a while. It was the first time the “Facebook Rapist” – as he was infamously known in the later part of his life because he reportedly assaulted and raped women he lured from Facebook – would appear in court with Dr Nandipha.

Dr Nandipha Magumana was the woman who reportedly aided Bester’s escape and housed him after he broke out of prison following what has since been discovered to be arson in his prison cell. Bester had escaped from prison and set the place on fire, leaving the body of another dead man to pass as his.

The sham was only uncovered later after Bester was found shopping at a mall with Dr Nandipha.  The two escaped from South Africa to Tanzania when news of the citing engulfed South Africa. They were soon apprehended in Arusha on the Tanzanian border as they attempted to cross into Kenya.

Anyway, Sizwe Dhlomo is unimpressed with how the wardens received Bester in court as the felon and Nandipha saw each other for the first time following their arrest. You can check out his post below.