Sizwe Dhlomo Or Tbo Touch? Mzansi Debates On Who Is A Better Radio Presenter

The politics of comparison is something people can rarely escape. If they are not comparing themselves to others, other people are comparing them to others in their field and elsewhere – a reality of life.

So when comparisons are being made between two top broadcasters of South African provenance, it shouldn’t surprise anyone.

The debate started after a Twitter user with name Mashesha asked his fans who they would stay tuned two between the two presenters. He shared the images of the two as well. Trust South Africans to leap into the debate and share their thoughts.

While some tweeps insisted that Sizwe Dhlomo was the better presenter between the two and they would therefore tune in to whatever he is presenting, some held that Tbo Touch is their man – the better of the two.

Interestingly, there were those who think the two are not even in the running for the best. So they suggested some presenters who are not even on the list for the debate.

However, based on the responses to the debate, Sizwe Dhlomo won. You can check out Mashesha’s tweet and the responses to it below.

To each his verdict, of course. The comparison takes nothing away from those being compared.

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