Sizwe Dhlomo Picks Naledi Pandor As Possible Replacement For President Cyril Ramaphosa

Sizwe Dhlomo’s Marriage Revelation Sparks Curiosity Among Fans

In the event South Africa’s current president Cyril Ramaphoda should leave office, who would make a perfect replacement? Well, media personality Sizwe Dhlomo has an idea already.

The Kaya FM presenter thought Naledi Pandor, South Africa’s current Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, should be okay for the role. He merely pointed out that Naledi is younger than the current president, implying he based his suggestion on her age.

It turned out that while some of his fans were okay with the choice of Naledi and made it clear they would vote for her without reservations, some fans were unimpressed with the suggestion. They rejected the idea of having her as president.

Interestingly, the rejection was also based in part on her age. Tweeps were wondering why a 70-year-old should succeed another president who is over 70.

As far as some tweeps were concerned. The best person should be someone younger and not someone in his 70s. Some even joked that the “Ama 2000s” should as well be given a chance to take a shot at the presidency. You can check out the tweet and the opinions about it below.


Well, it remains to be seen whether Naledi Pandor will eventually snag the number-one job in South Africa.