Sizwe Dhlomo Roasted After Sharing How He Got Trevor Noah On KFC Advert

South African media personality Sizwe Dhlomo’s brag that he brought comedian Trevor Noah for a local advert left Mzansi unimpressed as some asked what exactly was the big deal in the initiative.

The whole controversy started after a Twitter user with the name Duke of Kimberley tweeted that the KFC advert in which Sizwe Dhlomo featured alongside Trevor Noah was an example of a brother pushing a brother – as it should be.

Replying to the post, Sizwe Dhlomo agreed with it while also noting that he was actually the one who brought Trevor Noah on board with the ad. You can check out his tweet below.

Well, he may have brought the former The Daily Show host on board, but his saying it out loud did not impress many South Africans. One commented that the media personality is always out to prove himself.

Another noted that he should have kept the detail of him bringing Trevor Noah to South Africa to himself, as people are not too interested in that. You can check out some of the comments below.

Sizwe Dhlomo has no words for his critics, though. He’d said what he wanted to but had no control over how people would react to it.

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