Sizwe Dhlomo Roasted Over 10-Year-Old Tweet About Mandela’s Health Update: “Twitter Is Unforgiving”

The saying that the internet does not forget has just been proven to be true in the life of South African media personality Sizwe Dhlomo. A post he made bout ten years ago has just resurfaced, leading to criticisms from some of his compatriots.

The said tweet referenced Nelson Mandela’s health at the time, with Sizwe stating that the claims that the former ANC leader was dead were nothing more than rumours. He claimed that Nelson Mandela was alive at the time he made the tweet. Only, he had issues with his respiratory equipment.

A look at the tweet showed that he made it on December 5 at 11 pm. His claim that Mandela was alive around then was therefore incorrect. Sources, including family members, point to Mandela dying at close to 9 pm that day. So Sizwe was somewhat late bringing the “news” on X. What he claimed via his tweet may have happened earlier.

But South Africans weren’t thinking in that direction when the tweet was unearthed. he became a subject of mordant jabs from his compatriots. You can check out the post below.

Mandela was one of the early leaders of the ANC who fought apartheid until the system was dismantled.

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