Sizwe Dhlomo Slams Mr Smeg For Take On Woman Who Made Her Husband Wait 5 Years While She Dated Multiple Men

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South African media personality Sizwe Dhlomo has slammed his compatriot Mr Smeg for his take on other people’s relationships.

It all started after a TikToker shared a clip in which she spoke on how she came to commit to her man. By her confession, it took her dating other men to finally commit to being married to the man she is with at the moment.

It took five years.


How I met my husband 💍🥹🥰 #storytime#howimetmyhusband

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This reality didn’t sit well with Mr Smeg, who made it clear in a tweet that it can never be me. He’s baffled at how he kept the man waiting for five years while dating other men. In the same period, the man he friend-zoned was probably spoiling her silly with gifts and other acts of kindness.

Can never be me, mate,

Sizwe Dhlomo popped into Mr Smeg’s mentions and trolled him a bit with a statement on how Mr Smeg dated his kettle. In fairness to Sizwe, Mr Smeg might actually be said to have dated his kettle because he has cut an identity with it – he goes everywhere with a Smeg Kettle. That was how he earned his name Mr Smeg. You can check out the trending conversation below.