Sizwe Dhlomo Stunned Over Announcement Of “Muvhango” Ending

"South Africa is Finished"

A while back, producers of the series “Muvhango” announced it was ending with the season’s finale. It was a massive shock to many people across South Africa who have come to love the series.

Among those who were shocked by it was media personality Sizwe Dhlomo. Not only was he stunned by the announcement of the discontinuation of the series, but he shared his thoughts about the same online.

The Kaya FM presenter took to his official X account where he bemoaned the ending of the show. He pointed out how a previous series which resonated with millions across South Africa, “7de Laan,” had been terminated and how the same fate had befallen “Muvhango.”

He felt so terribly about the ending of the soapie that he had no qualms pointing out that “South Africa is finished.” Interestingly, several people shared his verdict about the ending of the series, as you can see from the responses to his post below.

Given the consternation and anger that had greeted the announcement of the end of “Muvhango,” it will be interesting to see if the producers will have a rethink and continue producing the series.

Whatever happens, you can count on us to bring you the next tea.

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