Sizwe Dhlomo To Join Kaya FM As New Afternoon Drive-time Host

Sizwe Dhlomo announced as new host of the Afternoon Drive-time Show On Kaya FM

set to join Kaya FM as the new Afternoon Drive-time host.

It’s great news for media personality, and his fans. The Mzansi star has just been announced to be joining the home of the Afropolitan, Kaya FM next month. He is set to host the revamped Afternoon Drive-time show starting July 6, 2020.

Talking about the announcement, Managing Director, Grego Moloka revealed that with Sizwe, Afropolitan’s interest, knowledge and interests would be explored greatly. This would be across various disciplines including the Arts, economics, fashion, current affairs and more.

is a veteran media personality with over 15 years on the scene. He is expected to thrill listeners with his vast knowledge of current affairs, pop culture, and business. Dhlomo appeared on Kaya Midday Joy with where he spoke about hosting the upcoming radio show.

Here’s everything Grego Moloka said about the new switch,

The most fascinating thing about working with Sizwe will be our ability to explore the length and breadth of the Afropolitan’s interest, knowledge and achievements across many disciplines including science, the arts, economics, fashion, current affairs and more,” 

“His handle on music and passion for Africa and the diaspora is yet to be fully experienced. Our focus will be on how we continue to shift the cultural needle with the view of reflection in five years’ time, on how much further we and our people have moved”

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