Sizwe Dlomo Jokes About A Black Coffee Impersonator In Trending Clip – Watch

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South African media personality Sizwe Dhlomo had many of his compatriots splitting with laughter after he made a joke about a Black Coffee impostor who was singing a song in a clip shared on X.

The said impostor looked exactly like the celebrated international DJ and even acted like him in the trending clip – with one hand in his pocket. A Twitter user known as Peche Africa had shared the clip of the impostor while jokingly noting that Black Coffee’s doppelganger thinks the public is unaware of his joke.

Sizwe Dhlomo reposted the clip with a jocund caption: “Black chicory…” His joke wasn’t lost on fellow South Africans, who joined in the comedy of naming, while symbolically retaining the “Black” part of the name. You can check out the clip below.

Actually, it is very easy for core Black Coffee fans to spot that he isn’t the one even without looking at his face. The biggest giveaway was how the said person comported himself: He had his right hand in his pocket instead of the left.

Black Coffee’s right hand is okay, but the left is partially paralysed from an accident he had on the eve of Nelson Mandela’s release.