Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh Reveals Talks Collapse Of Entity Rap Group (Watch)

Groups come and go but the memories of their exit are usually larger, especially if they made an impact when they were together. This is exactly the reality with the Entity Rap group, which included AKA and Sizwe Mpof-Walsh.

The group was resonant years back and many even tipped the collective to Take South African music to decent heights. By a quirk of fate, though, along the line, the group actually disintegrated. What really happened? Why did the members part ways?

One of the band members, Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh, has just given some clues into that during a recent interview. According to the songster, the group would have gone on to do great things but his leaving Johannesburg probably led to the group’s demise.

His parents wanted him to leave Johannesburg and come over to the Eastern Cape. And he did, leaving the group behind. That decision would also doctor his destiny, as his name rarely rings rap these days, whereas his band made AKA has gone on to become a famous rapper.

Besides the evolution of the group and its eventual demise, the songster also dwelled on other areas of his life. You can check out the detailed video interview in the embed below.

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