Sjava Affirms He No Longer Reviews Music From Up-and-Coming Musicians – Here’s Why

Jabulani Hadebe, the South African rapper long famous by the stage name Sjava, has just revealed that he is no longer interested in reviewing songs from up-and-coming musicians while also sharing the reasons for his decision.

Apparently, the songster is afraid of being accused of theft or intellectual property violation, as the songs he might be asked to review might be something he has worked on or might be working on. And, of course, many would not believe that he had not stolen the song from a younger musician who might not have had the power to fight him. You can check out his post below.

Many of his fans agreed with him. They feel he is in order and should protect himself – something made easy by his refusing to work with or review music from younger musicians.

Some other South African musicians probably have the same fear but are yet to voice it.

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