Sjava Believes SA Hip Hop Is Doing Great

Where many are losing faith in South African and switching genres without qualms, BET Award-winning musician Sjava has expressed great optimism about the genre.

In a recent post to social media, Sjava had wondered why people think South African isn’t doing great. The post provoked mixed reactions, with some affirming that the genre is still up there and doing wonders, and others stating the genre can do better.

South African as we know it is still evolving. Some musicians have expressed their disappointment with the politics associated with the genre and others have just ditched it for amapiano.

is one rapper who has made it clear he’s unimpressed with the politics of the genre. He’s also stated his love for the vibe that is amapiano, and affirmed his love for it by releasing a compilation in the genre, dubbed “Short and Sweet 2.o”

By the way, Sjava recently listed Saudi as the most lyrical South African rapper, way ahead of Nasty C, Emtee, and A-Reece.

Well, do you share Sjava’s optimism about South African hip hop? Is the genre doing great?  You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.