Sjava dances to celebrate KZN Awards “Best Male” win

Mzansi rapper, Sjava dances as he celebrates his KZN Awards Best Male win.

While it excites us to see our favourite artists win Major awards and gain massive recognition, it also makes them really happy. That’s proven by a recent video of Mzansi rapper, Sjava who was announced as winner of the “Best Male” category at the KZN Awards.

In the video, Sjava is seen doing a funny dance as he celebrated his win. That’s amazing given the kind of year he’s had. While the sexual assault allegations by Lady Zamar did a number on him, he did quite well for himself this year.

He successfully started an independent label, 1020 Cartel with SA Hip Hop producer and released two projects from it “iSambulo” and “Umsebenzi”. The latter which is his solo EP was recently announced to have amassed over 1 million streams across major platforms. A really big shout out to him.

John Jabulani

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