Sjava May No Longer Be Signed To Ambitiouz Entertainment

Sjava may have parted ways with Ambitiouz Entertainment

Mzansi rapper, Sjava may no longer be signed to Ambitiouz Entertainment as he re-releases his Umphako EP under a new label.

Lately, everytime Mzansi rapper Sjava appears in the news, it is never for the right reasons. The rapper has witnessed a lot of badluck since his ex girlfriend’s accusations of rape against him were brought to light.

Since then, he has faced one drop after another from major brands and shows who turned their backs on him because of the accusations. His fans have however stood by him since. They continue to believe in the rapper’s innocent without any doubt.

Also, his signed label, Ambitiouz Entertainment has stood steadily by him. The record label has even reposted some of his declarations of innocence but recent developments lead us to believe they have parted ways. The “Linda” rapper recently re-released his EP “Umphako” under a new label, Next Level Entertainment. This leaves us wondering if he is still with AE.

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