Sjava not cancelled

Sjava is not cancelled

Mzansi rapper, is not cancelled.

As is rampant these says, the cancel culture has become what befalls any famous person who is accused of something especially sexual assault and violence against women. Since news broke of Mzansi rapper, being accused of rape and sexual assault by his former girlfriend and singer, , many have expected that he’d be cancelled by now.

Surprisingly, the continues to play his music and his royalties still go to him in the midst of the accusations. According to them, the rapper is innocent until proven guilty. The acting spokesperson, Mmoni Seapolelo had this to say,

The respects the rule of law and believes that any allegations levelled against anyone should follow the due process of the law,” 

However, some organisations and brands have pulled the rapper from performing at their events including, the Cape Town International Jazz Festival, DSTV MVCA, and Miss Mpumalanga.

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