Sjava On Claims His “Isibuko” Album Is Underrated

Sjava On Claims His “Isibuko” Album Is Underrated

Is South African rapper Sjava’s “Isibuko” album Underrated? Some fans think so and have voiced the same, leading the musician to react to that opinion about his work.

A fan with the Twitter name The Dark Knight shared the tracklist list of the project (he appeared to be listening to it at the time. In the caption, he noted that the project is the album of the year and also massively Underrated.

Reacting to the post, Sjava made it clear that the album isn’t Underrated. The same sentiment was shared by some of his fans on the original post. You can check out Sjava’s take below.

The album, which was released years ago, came as a surprise as the songster had not informed fans of what was underway at the time he released the album.

Still, the reception was nothing short of spectacular. It was a big hit with fans and continues to intrigue listeners to this day. In that album, Sjava touched on several subjects relating to life and his lived experience.

By the way, Sjava recently made it known that he is no longer interested in reviewing music from up-and-coming musicians because he is afraid of a conflict and the possible impact on his career if he should be asked to review a song that he has worked on or has in the works.