Sjava On His “Ilanga Lam” Freestyle Performance On Mashabela Podcast

If you are a big fan of South African rapper Sjava, you are probably already aware of his “Ilanga Lam” freestyle. But what does the songster himself have to say about it? Yag along, as the BET award winner has just provided some insight on the tune.

The freestyle was so good and resonated with a lot of people that they refused to believe that it was a freestyle after all. Some believed it was something he had probably written down somewhere and recalled from memory during his appearance on the Mashabela Podcast.

While he is pleased that the freestyle resonated with a lot of people and became a topic of conversation among netizens online, he also took the trouble to explain that what he spat out on the podcast was indeed a freestyle – not something he recorded or wrote down somewhere. You can check out his post below..

Of course, some of his fans were in the comment section to show their support for him, as well as amplify his claim that it was actually a freestyle that he dropped on the podcast.

By the way, Sjava has long made a name for himself as one of the key voices in South African music.

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