Sjava On Why He No Longer Reviews Music From Upcoming Musicians

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If you are curious why South African rapper Sjava has seemingly stopped reviewing music from upcoming musicians, you are certainly not alone, the good news is that the songster has finally provided an answer to that.

Up-and-coming musicians often request to send music to their established counterparts to review the music they have made. Since they are already established, it is expected that they have good judgment and can help obscure artists to rise.

Anyway, one of Sjava’s fans had exactly that opinion, so he took to Twitter to ask the BET Award winner if he could send his music to him for review. Sjava graciously replied to the fan, noting that he no longer reviews music for upcoming musicians.

He noted that he no longer reviews music for others because he might be working on something similar to what might be sent to him, and if he should release his own later, he might be accused of stealing something belonging to someone else. It is confusing to him. You can check out his tweet below.

Sjava might no longer review songs for others, but there are also other established names who are ready to risk things and help others,