Sjava Planning To Depart From The Controversial Record Label, Ambitiouz Entertainment

It looks like the popular South African musician, Sjava, has some issues with the controversial record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment. Reports have revealed that the award-winning musician and actor is desperate to depart from the record label just like Emtee and some previous artists.

At the centre of the controversy are issues such as accusations of exploitation and pay disputes.

An industry insider reveals that the talented musician has been ‘extremely unhappy’ at the controversial record label. The source further revealed that Sjava is working on cutting ties with the record label.

However, Kgosi Mahumapelo, Ambitiouz Entertainment’s boss has stated that Sjava is contractually bound to the record label for the next few years.

Kgosi said:

An artist or label cannot opt to renew a contract that is still active and will be for a few years to come.

One of the reasons Sjava has issues with the record label is because he has not received any payment from working on the Black Panther soundtrack.

Kgosi stated:

Ambitiouz have not received any form of payment from the Black Panther project to date and efforts have been made to claim revenues from the project, including hiring international royalty specialists to assist in this regards.

The talented singer is reported to have resorted to engaging in side gigs in order to make money without the knowledge of Kgosi.

Kgosi spoke about this:

There are agreements in place and Sjava is required to comply with the agreement, including his management agreement.

Sjava has been unavailable to comment on this issue but it seems that the singer has issues with the record label.

Emtee recently blasted Ambitiouz Entertainment for using his name despite parting from them last year. He also vowed to reclaim his songs and multiple awards from them.

Ambitiouz Entertainment is one of the most controversial record labels in the South African music industry. We hope that they settle the issues they are having with several artists.

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