Sjava Recalls His Early Years & How Beyonce Inspired Him

People are inspired to do things. Even those who are somewhat established have some people that inspire them – people they look up to one way or the other.

South African rapper Sjava is one such person. The songster had Beyoncé as an inspiration. In fact, he recently revealed in a tweet that years back, he would immerse himself in Beyoncé’s numbers. His devotion back then was such that he would lock himself at home and study Beyoncé’s performance clips that he had bought.

Back then, some of his people would laugh at him and tell him that he was singing for soft people. Well, he knew what he wanted and wasn’t demotivated by those words. Instead, he continued studying her.

Along the line, from having learned a lot, he was able to develop his own sound. What’s more, those who had mocked him back then are still at the back and jealous of what he has achieved so far. This revelation and more constitute part of a documentary which is currently available on YouTube.

Indeed, Sjava has come a long way as a musician and he has achieved a lot as well – recognised both locally and internationally for his music

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