Sjava Rejects Kanye West Comparison

is doing great in South African music and wouldn’t like to be compared with anyone – not with Kanye West, anyway.

So when a fan made the comparison, the songster rejected it outright and asked for what’s due to him. In a tweet, a fan had noted that the songster was beginning to sound like the American rapper Kanye West.

Apparently displeased by that comparison, the songster had responded, asking to be respected. Kanye West, who recently celebrated his birthday, might be a great artist, but wouldn’t want to be compared with him.

He’s very much his own man, and he wants everyone to know that.

Easily one of the notable voices in South African music, has come a long way. From an unknown artist, he had worked his way to the very top, winning a BET Award and others for his contributions to South African music.

By the way, although it may have been a while since he released a new project, is keen that fans shouldn’t be violent in requesting new music. That will come when it will come. Until there, there’s “Umama” and other works that fans can vibe with as they wait. Not bad.

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