Sjava Releases Visuals For ‘Isoka’ Featuring Q Twins & Mzukulu

SA Hip Hop star Sjava has released the music video for his song “Isoka,” featuring Q Twins and Mzukulu.

If there is anything Sjava is excellent at, it is being an artist. The talented rapper has proved many times that he knows his beans. Earlier in the year, he released his new album “Isibuko,” which hit the top of the charts.

The album reportedly garnered over 7 million streams across several platforms a few days after it dropped. It also earned praise from fans and became one of the most talked-about projects of the year. Sjava is still putting in the work to promote it.

He has released a music video for one of the tracks, “Isoka,” featuring Afrotainment stars Q Twins and Mzukulu. The new video was directed by Luthando Sigubudu and executive produced by his label 1020 Cartel. Sjava is also credited as a co-director of the video. Check it out below.


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