Sjava Responds To Fan’s Claim That He Doesn’t Rap In English

Sjava Shares Details On “Isibuko” Album Release

SA Hip Hop star Sjava has responded to a fan who claimed he doesn’t rap in English.

Sjava reigns as one of the country’s most successful artists this year. The famous emcee returned to the scene with a new album titled “Isibuko.” He recently announced that the album has garnered over 42 million streams across various platforms.

While fans have been celebrating his success and that of his collab with Big Zulu as Inkabi Zezwe, a tweep tweeted that he hadn’t heard Sjava rapping or trapping in English. The tweet prompted a response from the star.

The tweep wrote, “And maar moes Ha ose tsebe Indlalifa muun “ never heard even one of your songs rapping or trapping in English.” And in response, Sjava wrote, “You don’t know my songs.” No doubt, Sjava has English songs, and his fans know that. He is set to hit the stage with Big Zulu at Carnival City on August 26.