Sjava Responds To Lady Desperate To Have Him

A South African lady who has a crush on BET award-winning artiste has fired her shot and the songsters has responded.

In a tweet on 12 January, the fan, who goes by the Twitter handle @MzoloPearl, had stated that she was going to deactivate her Twitter account if she should be rejected by the songster.

apparently noticed her message, and responded with “Ihaba,” which translates to “exaggeration” in the Zulu.

The lady’s tweet attracted mixed reactions from users of the micro-blogging platform. Some commended her for her boldness, urging her to go for what she wants; some asked her if she doesn’t know there was a woman in Sjava’s life at the moment.

Well, last we checked, the lady has not deactivated her Twitter account and there’s no evidence has opened the doors of his soul to her yet.

Not having said no to her request, the door is probably still open and the lady might get a chance at something with the muso. Who knows? We’re following events keenly and will bring you new details as they drop.

Do you think and the lady will become and item in the future? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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