Sjava Reveals A Female Cloth He Hates

SA star, Sjava has revealed something women wear that makes him angry.

Sjava is undeniably one of the most talented rappers in the game. We also know him to be a fan of a lot of his colleagues who he has never held back from showing love to.

Anytime Sjava tweets, we know he’s there to either shout out someone he admires their work or say something bugging him. This time, he revealed something that women wear that makes him angry. It would actually shock you. According to him “Ayikho into engiyizonda njenge lanjare,”

It is translated to mean that lingeries make him angry. And yes, you read that right. His followers tried to convince him that there is nothing wrong with it but he wouldn’t budge. He also revealed he does not like it when women sleep in tights. But he actually prefers petticoats. At least, there is something he likes.

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