Sjava Reveals Reason For The Delay In Collaborating With A-Reece

Sjava has revealed the reason for the delay in his collaboration with A-Reece.

SA Hip Hop sometimes thrives on collabs. Fans want to hear their faves on a joint together. It makes it more fun. We have heard Sjava and Emtee on a collab, and it was amazing. For so long, fans have called on Sjava and A-Reece to do something together.

While speaking about it in an interview with Slikour, the “Isibuko” rapper revealed that it is difficult to get hold of Reece and Emtee because of their lifestyles. He said, “The record with Reece yo! And another thing It’s hard to find Reece and Emtee, I don’t think people understand when they say they are not available on the phone, it’s not just an interlude.”

He also stated that if he hadn’t known them from the get up, he would have thought that they didn’t want to work with him. “For me, if I didn’t know them, now I was gonna say they don’t want to work with me, but knowing them from the get-go and just seeing them come up and become what they are, they don’t change, and they need to change so that they can available. If you get hold of him you will be like Oh thank God he came and did this verse,”


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