Sjava Sends Heart Emoji To A Lady, Sparking Romance Rumours

BET Award winner Sjava has sparked romance rumours online after he commented on a post by a beautiful lady.

The lady, who goes by the Twitter handle @MzoloPearl, had wished everyone a good day at work. Sjava saw her tweet and shared it, wishing her a good say at work as well. He ended his tweet with on heart emoji.

The heart emoji attracted the attention of his fans near instantly, and they began speculating he might have an interest in the lady, although he has not formally indicated that much.

By the way, as the coronavirus pandemic bites hard and South Africa continues in level 3 lockdown, artistes are losing their sources of income. Sjava recently indicated having lost his source of income and even claimed to have returned to his mother’s house in the KwaZulu-natal area of Mzansi

But then that’s not reason enough to refrain from wishing others a great day at work and following that up with a hear emoji. Or is it?

Well, do you think Sjava will hit it off with the lady in the coming days? Why or why not? You might want to join the conversation by dropping ypour thoughts in the comment section below.

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