Sjava Shocks Mzansi With Throwback Photos

Mzansi shocked by throwback photos of Sjava

Sjava’s recent throwback photos shock Mzansi causing him to trend almost immediately.

For everyone who knows, and has seen SA Hip Hop star, Sjava, you’re about to have your mind blown. As we all know, a lot of people change throw the years. You should know, Sjava hasn’t always been like he is now. We’re referring to his physical qualities including the beards.

The Mzansi rapper recently shocked everyone on social media when he shared two throwback photos of himself. The photos were shared to his Instagram and Twitter pages, and almost immediately, the rapper began to trend. We doubt that he predicted the reactions to the photos.

In the post captions, he revealed that the photos were from 2008, stating that the heart remains the same even if the body changes. Fans expressed their shock seeing the more fit and beardless Sjava. We must say, we too are shocked to see them.

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