Sjava Speaks On a the Most Lyrical South African Rapper

BET Award-winning musician sparked a little controversy online when he expressed his opinion that is more lyrical than and SAHHA winner YoungstaCPT. 

Fans who thought his opinion incorrect challenged him, insisting that was way better than the “Fuck Ambitiouz” trap ace. The said fan had referenced the cypher that Ambitiouz Entertainment (to which Sjava, and A-Reece were signed to at some point) had made the musicians do, stating that A-Reece was the one who killed it. 

Sticking to his opinion about Saudi’s merits, had clued the fan in on what actually took place, stating that while others rapped from written verses, Saudi was the only one who did a freestyle. 

Musicians sharing their thoughts on their favorites or who they think is best is nothing new. It happens in just about every music industry in the world. 

By the way, Sjava’s clarification did not stop the debate. There are others who still insist Saudi is not the best and others who say he is more of a trapper than a rapper. 

Do you share Sjava’s opinion that Saudi is the most lyrical rapper in South Africa? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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