Sjava Suspends Sales of ‘A Night With Sjava’ Ticket Till February

Sjava has suspended the sales of tickets to his show until February because of fans who had been unable to buy because they had not been paid their monthly salaries or wages.

Announcing the suspension, Sjava wrote:

Good day guys, we have taken the decision to put ticket sales on hold so that the people who get paid at the end of the month will be able to purchase them. It is not fair on them as they are also eager to attend the show. To all those that will not be happy about this decision, I am sorry please forgive me.

His ‘A Night With Sjava’ concert is not new and has always provided fans with an opportunity to relate with him, listen to him up close and generally, just have an amazing time.

There are indications that he will be having two of those as the first show will be on February 29 and the second on March 1st.

Sjava‘s songs like “Uthando”, “Abangani” and more have been crowd favorites and this consideration for fans will only win him more fans.

Jabulani Hadebe, known professionally as Sjava, is a South African singer, rapper and actor

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