Sjava To Play The Villain On eHostela

BET Award winning musician Sjava has just clinched an acting role in the flick “eHostela.” This must come as massive relief to the songster who lost an acting role in 2020 over rape allegations leveled against him by one-time girlfriend Lady Zamar of the “Butterfly” fame. 

The rape allegations against him have since been dismissed by the National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa because, according to the body, there was insufficient evidence to prosecute the case

Bagging the role is a beautiful start to the year for the songster who recently founded 1020 Cartel Records in association with his pal Ruff. 

In “eHostela,” Sjava will be playing the role of a villain named Fish. Not only is Sjava playing the role of Fish, he’s also doing the music for the “eHostela” series, according to Mmoni Seapolelo, who confessed to admiring Sjava’s work, and who also admitted the songster was brought in to shake things up a little. 

Sjava isn’t new in the world of acting. However, it remains to be seen how he interpretes his latest role. 

What do you think of Sjava clinching a role on “eHostela”? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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