Sjava’s English Bundles Run Out in Funny ‘Trending SA’ Interview, Fans Defend: “Sjava Knows English”

South Africans had a good laugh at their compatriot Sjava’s expense when a clip of him seemingly lost during an interview with Trending SA surfaced online. In the sit=down, which was done in English, he was asked what legacy he hoped to leave.

Apparently, he had no clue what legacy was. So he turned the question to another question, asking his interviewer what a legacy means. His question provoked laughter among many South Africans who felt he ought to know what that meant.

But he didn’t know and that was it. Still, some praised him for admitting he doesn’t have a robust vocabulary and had no clue what the word is. As far as some of them were concerned, that was the best thing to do in the circumstance, as pretending to know while giving an unrelated answer would have made him look pretty stupid. You can check out the clip below.

While the songster may have fumbled the question about his legacy, he at least has a strong legacy at this point, having released several winning numbers and clinched several awards, including a BET. What’s more, he’s also considered one of the leading voices in South African rap at the moment.

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