Sjava’s Verdict divides Mzansi as #LadyZamarMustFall trends

Mzansi is divided over Sjava’s court verdict as #LadyZamarMustFall trends on social media.

It has been a crazy couple of months on social media. Since Lady Zamar came out to accuse her former lover, Sjava of sexual assault, the country has been divided by it. Some have had her back, while others believe she fabricated stories against the “Linda” rapper and called her a bitter ex.

However, things got more heated following reports that the case has been dismissed in court. The aftermath of the dismissal spawned the hashtag #LadyZamarMustFall with some speaking in defence of Zamar and others against her.

Some believe that Sjava could still be guilty even though he wasn’t convicted. Others believe he is innocent and have called the “Charlotte” singer out for her accusations towards him which cost him jobs. The entire case has really divided social media users who continue to share their opinions on it. Let us know what you think about this.

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