SK Khoza Charms Mzansi With Goofy Throwback Video Of Him And Themba Ndaba

Memories are forever, people often say. And when they are pretty good memories, they are almost everything. South African actor SK Khoza recently walked down memory street when he shared a clip of himself and veteran actor Themab Ndaba together.

This walking back to the past had many South Africans smiling and talking about Ndaba’s place in the film industry in the country, as well as his friendship with his younger colleague. The two actors have featured on the hit series The Queen.

In that flick, they had a close friendship – something that has apparently taken root in real life as well. At least that is what the video SK Khoza shared suggests. In the clip, they could be seen having a goofy moment together. The video left many South Africans seriously entertained – all evident in the reactions in the comment section. You can check out the video below.

Sk Khoza is one of the leading names in South African film at the moment. Despite the controversies that bog him sporadically, he has managed to stay musically relevant. In his latest clip, he seemingly showed his fans the pleasures of brotherhood and friendship. Well, that seems like the way to go.

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