SK Khoza Reacts To Viral ‘Meltdown’ Video

Mzansi actor, SK Khoza has reacted to his viral meltdown video.

Fans were shocked to find a trending video of popular actor, SK Khoza acting in bizarre behaviour. He was seen walking around an unidentified man and swearing at him. While some opined that he was high on drugs, others thought he was drunk.

It is still unclear when the video was made or what led to the shocking reaction. However, Khoza has opened up about it in a statement to TimesLIVE. He revealed that “It was [a] moment where I was treated in a bad way and I lost my s**t. No one was hurt, just somebody was sworn at.”

He also refuted claims that he was high on drugs. According to him, “People like to say nonsense. I don’t do drugs, my family know that. I’ve taken drug tests in front of my family members. It’s literally one of those moments where I was rubbed the wrong way and I reacted, that’s that,” He blamed his entire reaction on how he was treated at the time but did not share what had happened.

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