Skeem Saam Actress, Innocent Sadiki Fancies The Idea Of Being A Real Life Teacher

Photo credit: The Handbook

Innocent Sadiki, who plays a role in South African soap opera, Skeem Saam, thinks she can be a teacher, this time off set.

Not so many like the jobs they do, let alone appreciate it. Now if you have been keeping up with Skeem Saam, you would testify just how cool am actress Innocent is. Turns out, she feels that way about herself and more especially her job, as she took to her page with a captioned post comprising of picture slides.

She not seems confident of herself, she apparently also has some other thoughts floating around in her head. She thinks she could be teacher. She ended the caption with her asking for the 2 cents of her fans on the idea she’s been toying with.

“Acting is such and attractive art. I think I can be a teacher in real life. What do you think?” she captioned the post. And trust fans to rise to the occasion, including a few fellow celebs. Most people thought it was actually a bright idea. Some others said it would suit her. It was all love in the comment section. You could tell the woman is loved. That alone is enough to make anyone move mountains or be a great teacher.

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