#SkeemSaam: Latest Episode Has Fans Unable To Agree On Khwezi & Lehasa

When soapies truly tick, fans follow, and they never get tired of commenting about them. Such is the case with , which has been airing for over a decade.

The latest episode of the flick had most viewers commenting about Lehasa and his relationship with Pretty. Most viewers think the two are pretty good (pun intended or not) actors and should be together.

Some viewers think Pretty and Lehasa, as a couple, made the latest episode of Skeem Saam the thrill that it turned out to be. They especially love that Pretty has been fueling her adventure with Lehasa.

While viewers appear to be rooting for Pretty and Lehasa, they didn’t rate Khwezi at all. Instead, they describe her present circumstances as pure karma for how she had treated Lehasa in the past. And as far as they are concerned, she should go to hell or jump off a balcony.

The possibility of Khwezi being already pregnant is one thing that fills some viewers with horror. One tweeter had joked that it would be a national pain if that should happen. You can check out some of the comments below.

From the look of things, the drama is only just beginning

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