#SkeemSaam: Viewers Talk John Maputla and Phumeza

#SkeemSaam: Viewers Talk Meikie & Mr Kgomo

Skeem Saam’s John Maputla has got viewers laughing. In one of the scenes in the latest episode, the celebrated actor had disguised himself. Mzansi found hilarity in his actions.

Trust them to storm Twitter to share their thoughts. Most viewers were like, is this really John Maputla or John Wick?. There were those who thought the scene where he walked stealthily clutching the wall and looking ahead was a perfect meme for the Twitterverse.

It appears not everyone is charmed by John Maputla’s character. Some viewers think his character is dumb and compared it to that of Azwindini in another popular soapie, Muvhango.

And yet some viewers think John Maputla hopeless – a narcissist who would toss every adversary in jail if he has the power to.

Melita and Phumeza haven’t escaped viewers’ scrutiny. According to some viewers, Melita’s undoing was her trusting Phumeza. For some viewers, Phumeza is simply amusing for having called Melita a 90’s beauty queen.

Some viewers think Phumeza is the personification of trouble. At least, MaNtuli would say trouble follows the journalist everywhere. You can check out some of the reactions below.

Skeem Saam, which shows on the SABC1 network each week, is one of the most soapies in South Africa right now.