#SkeemSaam: Viewers Talk Meikie & Mr Kgomo

Will the drama in the soapie Skeem Saam ever end? Well, Mzansi hopes not. After all, it’s what keeps them, the viewers, on the edge of their seats and make them ask for more.

Following the latest episode of the popular soapie, viewers had stormed social media to share their thought. However, it was clear that Mr Kgomo and Meiki had the most attention from the viewers.

Mr Kgomo heads Turf Hospital, where he appears to hold several roles simultaneously – clinical and managerial. He is the subject of mixed verdicts by fans. Some viewers think he’s a terrible boss and someone any potential employee should pray not to have.

As far as some viewers were concerned, he’s nothing but a mean boss who delights in making others feel powerless.

In contrast, however, some viewers think he’s a great leader and that would need a leader of his standing to move forward as a nation. According to the same supporters, he put his people first.

And yet some viewers are miffed that John keeps testing Melkie’s patience while consistently philandering. As far as some viewers are concerned, he’s the problem, but Melkie doesn’t see it. You can check out some of the reactions below.

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