Skeem Saam: Viewers Won’t Stop Talking About Melita

Melita is blowing up the Twitter trends following a recent episode of the hit show, Skeem Saam.

It is undeniable that every episode of the Skeem Saam show hits different. The show hit its 2000th episode back in January and has since maintained its entertaining nature. It continues to dominate the trends every night.

This time, Melita is all everyone will talk about. A lot of viewers are grateful that they’ve been seeing a lot of her this season. Sadly, she has not had the best time on the scene except when she’s in John’s bed. Yes, we said it. In the recently aired episode of the show, Melita received a piece of shocking news about her employment in the Maputla Supermarket.

We believe the exact words were that she was fired with immediate effect. A lot of viewers think she was right to have been fired based on her conduct at the supermarket while some thought it could have been handled differently.

Also, viewers cannot wait for Meiki to get out of jail. That would also not be good for Melita. Oh, and Melita has been sleeping with John, and we hear she’s now got a bun in the oven. Check out some tweets below.

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