Sketchy Bongo And TikTok Team Up To Help Local Creatives

Sketchy Bongo rides with Tik Tok to help local creatives

Sketchy Bongo is on a mission to help local creatives with a recent project with Tik Tok. This is definitely something to join in.

The new project is called the “On Fire Challenge”, a joint venture with Tik Tok South Africa and Warner music aimed to help local creatives increase their reach in the industry. According to him, the project was born after he joined Tik Tok and saw the raw talent on the platform.

He said;

I thought the partnership would be an opportunity to see how creative and expressive the creators would be with the launch of the ‘On Fire’ song and the official sticker.

He continued,

TikTok is a growing platform in South Africa and I believed this partnership would be a great platform to get On Fire out to the TikTok community as well as the Sketchy Bongo brand.

Explaining how Tik Yok and other social media platforms help artistes build their own profile, he said,

Songs playing on TikTok have a potential of going viral and I have already seen that with “On Fire” since the inception of the challenge – currently with 2.3 million views.

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