Skhanda World x Studio 88’ Spring/ Summer 23 Fashion Show Brings Together Nadia Nakai, Moozlie, Minnie Dlamini, Others

Beyond music, South African rapper Nadia Nakai is known to be a fashionista. She showed this side of her again recently alongside associates Moozlie and Minnie Dlamini. All three were part of the collaborative Skhanda World x Studio 88’ Spring/ Summer 23 Fashion Show.

The collaboration is part of the avenue to celebrate rapper K.O.’s latest single “Thatha.” The rapper calls the shots at Skhanda World, a record label that also doubles as a fashion brand.

The brand has been around for a while now, churning out songs as well as merch so fans have a wide range of stuff to pick from. The decision to bring in Nadia Nakai, Moozlie, and Minnie Dlamini was never shared with the public at the outset.

Still, it is easy to see that they were co-opted because of their great fashion sense as well as their public appeal. Moozlie and Nadia Nakai are both rappers and among the respectable voices in the game. Although is a media personality and actress and not a musician, she is a stand-out figure in her field as well.

They were not the only ones who rocked the designs though. You can check out the clip below and see the others.

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