Skhanda World’s Empty House: K.O. On Mass Exit From Record Label

South African rapper caused quite a stir when he revealed in a recent interview with Zimoja that there are no more artists left at his Skhanda World record label.

Now that’s a piece of news many would instantly find puzzling because at some point the record label throbbed with several gifted artists, including Roiii. Now, K.O. is the only one left at the record label.

It’s all good, though – a decision made in principle and fairness to all. By his account, Skhanda World had gotten into a partnership with Universal Music Group as a joint venture.

On the departure of Loki and Roiii from the record label, he pointed out that both were not seeing the results they anticipated and since they wanted out, he let them go and he wouldn’t be the one to hinder others from exploring their careers elsewhere and making progress. Their exit happened weeks ago.

Before that, though, in 2023, Bheki, MaE and MrX announced their departure from the record label, ostensibly on similar grounds to the two who left later.

Well, all eyes are still on Skhanda Wprdl to see which artists will join it following the exit of the ones mentioned earlier. It will also be interesting to see how things will pan out for those who have left.

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