SkyRoomLive, 947Joburg TimesLIVE “Helivate” Fans with Revolutionary Live Concert

The coronavirus pandemic may partially ended the music parties where peeps get to meet and interact with one another, and taken some peeps through depressing bends, but the party is about to begin all over again. Via live streaming.

Fans may not get to meet, but they get to party.

It is the hour of musical elevation – we mean “Helivation” – and we are excited to let you know. “Helivation” is an ambitious live musical festival sponsored by SkyRoomLive, 947Joburg and TimesLIVE. With this respected brands on the sponsorship table, you know the event wouldn’t be a waste of time.

“Helivation” is expected to last two days, from June 6 to June 7. The event will hold on SkyRoomLive’s helipad in Sandton. According to the organizers, the event will feature 30 disc jockeys, including Euphonik, DJ Fresh and DJ Dimplez.

The DJs will be on the ground and not stream live from their homes. Only the audience will have to stay home. Interestingly, it isn’t a free event. Tickets sell from R50 only.

To buy tickets, fans only have to visit

Are you ready for the revolutionary? Then prepare to join others as “Helivation” streams live. Get ready! Something grand begins in a couple of days.

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